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Jan 2014

Central American & Caribbean Games 2010 (Mayagüez 2010) Tennis Courts

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Located at the Mayagüez University Campus.

Magdalena Díaz and José Rovira, co-owners of Pro-Pave, were among the hundreds of local entrepreneurs who worked on the development of one of the CAC Games new facilities. Their company prepped the surface and asphalt-paved the Games’ eight tennis courts.

We began this project in mid April. “Pro-Pave Corp was awarded a Special recognition as outstanding contractors due to its excellent performance and efficient completion” – Said José Rovira

Before working in CAC Games we have represented a line of high performance, high durable sealers that guarantee the qulity of our service. — said Rovira

Rovira said that the tennis courts passed inspection by AFI. The tennis courts are located on the university campus near the natatorium complex.

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